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          1. Innovative to
            open up the

            Foshan jiarui intelligent equipment co., LTD., was founded in 2017,formerly foshan xinrui mechanical equipment co., LTD., which was founded in 2005.The company focus on tube processing machines and industrial robot integration, after 15 years of unremitting efforts, develop annual output, more than 500 sets of equipment of r&d, production, sales and technical services in one of the high-tech enterprises, the mainland denso, Germany group, byd cars, Great Wall motors, wuling automobile group, changzhou tenglong shares such as well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

            We have a team of experienced senior engineers in the industry.We have developed a robot pipe bender, all-electric nine axis CNC pipe bending machine, pipe end machining automatic line automation equipment is a leading new equipment, and is widely used in automotive exhaust system, air conditioning system, engine fuel line pipe, brake, seat skeleton, skeleton head, household air-conditioning piping system and other industries. Because we are dedicated and professional, we believe that we will eventually realize the integration of informatization and industrialization, and finally realize the industrial transformation and upgrading of industry 4.0, so as to open up the future with innovation!



            Jiarui intelligent equipment has rich experience and technology in automation integration. We have strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers to provide customers with more diversified and more tailored automation solutions.